Shipping Fees and Time

Shipping fees and time
We offer you overseas delivery services in the following designated countries. The fees and time required are as follows:

Country / Region

Shipping fee (HKD$)

Estimated delivery time (days)

local(Hong Kong)


1 - 2  working days


  • Shipping fees are calculated on a per order basis, and each foreign order is capped at HK$10,000 maximum
  • We will ship the merchandizes within three to four working days after receiving the order.
  • We will insure (and be subject to the terms of the policy) the merchandizes for each order covering the transit to the designated shipping address.
  • We use SF Express service, the final delivery time is subject to the schedule of the delivery company.
  • Local delivery is based on SF Express Service Center or SF Station


Products restriction
Caution: Before placing an order, you are responsible for determining that the merchandizes can be legally imported into the country/region of destination.
Taxes and duties
The price of the merchandizes does not include any taxes and duties. When the merchandizes arrive at the destination, you must pay for any and all taxes and fees that should be paid for the purchase, import and customs declaration. We recommend that you check with your local customs authorities for details of the tax and payment procedures.